The Liberal Democrats have today reached out to MPs from across the political spectrum in a bid to form a ‘No to No-Deal’ coalition ahead of the Conservative Party leadership contest. 

The move comes as a host of Conservative Party leadership hopefuls, including Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab, have said they would be willing to leave the EU without a deal if they become Prime Minister.

Tom Brake MP, the Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson, has written to MPs representing the Conservatives, Labour, SNP, Change UK, Plaid Cymru and the Greens in order to form a cross-party group to improve coordination between the parties fighting a No-Deal Brexit, both inside and outside Parliament.

Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said:

“With the Tory leadership contenders outbidding each other to claim they are eager to inflict the hardest No Deal imaginable on the UK, opponents of No Deal must get organised.

"The stakes could not be higher. A Prime Minister committed to No-Deal would spell chaos for British families, businesses, consumers and travellers. Parliament must therefore reassert its will.

"The best chance we have of stopping a no-deal is if all like-minded colleagues work together and present a united front. The Liberal Democrats are ready to do so and ultimately ensure the people have the final say on Brexit, with the option to stay in the EU."


Tom Brake sent the below letter to Keir Starmer MP, Peter Grant MP, Anna Soubry MP, Hywel William MP, Caroline Lucas MP and Dominic Grieve MP.
I am writing to you regarding the threat of a No-Deal Brexit being imposed on the United Kingdom, by the next Conservative Prime Minister, against the wishes of the people and Parliament.

Following the success of the Brexit Party in the EU elections, we are all aware that the front-runners in the contest for the leadership of the Conservative Party, and therefore this country’s next Prime Minister, are expressing support (in the absence of an alternative deal) for the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal at the end of October. We are all also aware that there is now insufficient time to secure a new deal before the 31st October.

We have seen Dominic Raab and Boris Johnson pushing No-Deal, dismissing its dire economic consequences. Yet we know the real dangers associated with a No-Deal Brexit, the chaos this would cause for our constituents and the damage it would inflict on British businesses.

With Nigel Farage’s recent victory, the fantasy of a No-Deal Brexit on WTO terms will be articulated more frequently and more loudly. And while Parliament has already firmly rejected this option, the next Prime Minister could ignore the will of Parliament, and force through No-Deal, creating an unprecedented crisis for our country.

I am therefore writing to you, as a senior Parliamentarian who has previously led the fight against a No-Deal Brexit, to invite you to a meeting to discuss how we can work together, cross-party, to oppose politically and procedurally the threat of a No-Deal Brexit.

Please let me know whether in principle you would be willing to attend such a meeting. I will then seek to identify a mutually convenient time for all to attend.

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