Ahead of the vote on the Police Grant Report, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Ed Davey said:
“Violent crime is destroying the lives of far too many young people, yet Conservative Ministers’ response is shockingly complacent and totally inadequate.
“This Government has inflicted £1 billion of real-terms cuts on frontline policing and taken 5,000 officers off our streets since 2015, and the new police settlement we’re voting on today contains not a single penny to reverse that.
“At a time when serious violence is soaring, the Home Secretary has abrogated his responsibility and passed the buck to local police chiefs. That’s especially shameful given that those areas with the worst knife crime problem are the least able to raise funds through Council Tax.
“The Liberal Democrats demand better. The Government must give local police forces the funding they need to recruit more officers and restore the community policing that prevents crime and keeps us safe.”

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