Today Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson, Tom Brake MP, will present a bill which would require the Prime Minister to resign should the House of Commons pass a motion of no confidence in her.

Speaking ahead of the Bill’s presentation, Tom Brake said:

"As the Prime Minister continues to ignore Parliament’s rejection of her deal, it becomes increasingly clear how blinkered she has become.

"With rumours of a fourth vote on the Prime Minister’s deal and no commitment from May that she will respect the indicative votes this week, it becomes clear that the House of Commons need increased powers to get us out of the Brexit impasse.

"If the Prime Minister won’t listen to MPs, then MPs will need the power to ensure we have a leader in our country who does. The only credible way out of this mess is a People’s Vote, and I am introducing this Bill to try and ensure this becomes a reality."


The short title of the Bill: Prime Minister (Confidence)

The long title of the Bill: Bill to require a Prime Minister to tender their resignation to Her Majesty if the House of Commons passes a motion of no confidence in them; and for connected purposes

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