The Liberal Democrats have tabled a regret motion to the Government’s Statutory Instrument on Compulsory Insurance for Motor Vehicles, which will be debated later today in the House of Lords.

Currently, if a UK resident is injured in a traffic accident in the EEA and the injury was caused by the negligence of another person, they can pursue a claim for compensation in the UK.

However, if the Conservative Government does not secure a reciprocal agreement with the EEA or the UK leaves the EU without a deal, motorists abroad will be left to fend for themselves.

Commenting on the motion, Jenny Randerson said:

"Access to justice is a right and should never be treated as a privilege to be gained in a negotiation.

"British holiday-makers in Europe are currently protected and can claim compensation with their local solicitor, in English, from the UK, even in the event that the motorist abroad does not have insurance.

"However, this is now at risk. If a UK citizen is injured abroad in a road accident they will potentially be left to make a claim for compensation in a foreign country, paying for their own legal advice and representation abroad.

"Brexit is putting British holidaymakers at risk. The only way out of this chaos is to put the final say back to the people, with the option to remain in the EU".


The regret motion can be found here

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