Commenting on the inauguration of President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela for his second six year term, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Jo Swinson said:

"Today Nicolás Maduro will be sworn into this second term following an election that was judged neither free nor fair.


“With millions fleeing the county due to the economic catastrophe in his first term, and his refusal to even turn up to the Venezuelan Parliament, it is clear why Maduro should reconsider his inauguration. Last week a group of 13 countries in South America declared they would not recognise Maduro’s new six-year term and urged him to step down. We should echo that call.


“It is vital that Britain maintains its commitment to human rights and democracy, making clear to the international community we regard these values as universal. Maduro should voluntarily step down and both the Government and the opposition must join me in this ask.”


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  1. We should be wary of supporting the US’s latest interference in another country. Venezuela is in a bad state, but we need to understand how it got there, and the motivations of those trying to overthrow his government. This article in Consortium News seems a fairly balanced account:
    The way forward is hopefully mediation by a neutral country (I think Mexico, Uruguay and the Vatican have been suggested), and involving a wider spectrum of Venezuelan opinion than just the Maduro and Guaido supporters.

    1. I tend to agree with you. US (and, often, UK) intervention into third country affairs tends to lead to unintended consequences. Venezuela should be a successful economy not a basket case.

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