Ahead of Labour’s unveiling of the slogan ‘it’s time for real change’ on their campaign bus, Chuka Umunna, Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary for Foreign Affairs, said: 

"Jeremy Corbyn’s claim to be ‘real change’ stretches credulity, as does his promise that he will be a ‘different kind’ of Prime Minister. If anything, Corbyn represents the worst aspects of the tired, old politics he pretends to fight against.

"Corbyn has copied Boris Johnson with his promise to ‘Get Brexit sorted’. He blocked attempts by his members this year for his party to back remaining in the EU. He has been all-too-happy to see other Party Leaders excluded from ITV’s leaders’ debate, and he has failed to root out anti Jewish racism in his own party. This is hardly a leader equipped to bring about real change. 

“It’s the Liberal Democrats who have a plan to build a brighter future. This starts with stopping Brexit and generating a £50bn Remain Bonus, which will benefit every part of the UK. This means more money to invest in our children’s education, tackling the climate emergency and properly funding our mental health services.

"The next generation deserve a new kind of politics. The Liberal Democrats have a next generation leader with a plan to build a brighter future behind which the whole party is united. The Tories and Labour are offering two competing visions of the past, led by leaders who divide their parties and our country.”

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