Today the Liberal Democrats have passed an ambitious, radical climate change proposal that aims to get us to net zero greenhouse emissions by 2045.

It aims to massively expand renewable generation, upgrade our homes to cut emissions and fuel poverty and to plant 60 million trees a year to act as a natural carbon sink.

Wera Hobhouse, Liberal Democrat Climate Change Spokesperson, said:

“The public are waking up to the climate crisis and want politicians to deal with it. The Tories have failed to take the climate crisis seriously, they’ve scrapped the Climate Change Department, banned on-shore wind and slashed subsidies to solar power, all while permitting new fossil fuels like fracking. Liberal Democrats demand better.
“I am delighted that Conference have passed this climate change motion. It is now clear that the Liberal Democrats have detailed credible plan to solve the climate crisis. The first step we must take is for Government to start taking climate change seriously. In our first one hundred days Liberal Democrats would reform Whitehall to place climate change at the heart of government, ensuring that solving the climate change is at the forefront of everything we do.”

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