Today the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill, which was radically improved by the Liberal Democrats, is set to pass its final stages in Parliament before becoming law.

The new piece of legislation aims to improve protections for people who lack capacity and are deprived of liberty. However, it took the Liberal Democrats to lead a cross-party effort to force the Conservative Government to remove their exclusionary definition of the deprivation of liberty. 

This change ensured people in care were properly protected whilst also including a commitment to review the Code of Practice.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Judith Jolly said:
“When this Bill arrived in Parliament from the Conservative Government last summer it was seriously flawed. Instead of improving the system, the original version of the Bill would have created more problems than already existed.
“The Liberal Democrats, through working cross-party, helped secure numerous concessions from the Government and vastly improved what would have been shoddy legislation to secure better protections for all those in care.
“I hope the Conservatives use this as a learning opportunity to not only recognise how much needed to be fixed, but ensure arrangements for enabling the care of people who lack the capacity to consent are properly resourced.
“Today marks a victory for all those who worked to stand up for the rights of the most vulnerable."

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