Today, Lib Dem Leader in the Lords, Dick Newby, and the Labour Lords Leader, Angela Smith, have refused to participate in the Royal Commission that will prorogue Parliament.
In addition to this, Liberal Democrat peers will boycott the House during the ceremony which shuts down Parliament.
Speaking ahead of the shutdown, Liberal Democrat Leader in the Lords, Dick Newby, said:
“The attempt to shut down Parliament by Boris Johnson is authoritarian and anti-democratic. The fact that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom wants to silence the people and their representatives shows that Boris Johnson will pursue Brexit at any cost, even at the cost of our democracy.
"Therefore, as the Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, I will not partake in any prorogation ceremony. I simply refuse to be part of this affront to our democracy.”

By convention, the leaders of the two opposition parties in the Lords are normally appointed Lords Commissioners to prorogue Parliament on behalf of the Queen.

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