Responding to today’s leaked report on the Grenfell fire, Liberal Democrat Housing spokesperson Wera Hobhouse, said: 

“We have been pointing out for months that the lack of accountable building control services on Kensington Council is likely to be at the heart of the Grenfell tragedy. 

“The Grenfell fire exposed current safety regulations as outdated and inadequate and there must be a complete and comprehensive re-evaluation. Simultaneously, we must enforce strict sanctions on those who flout construction safety standards. Who made the decision to install the cladding that allowed the fire to spread so quickly and who was scrutinizing this decision? 

“This tragedy should be a wake-up call: we must strengthen our public services and empower local government agencies, who must have the resources and funding to enforce regulations.

“We can only hope that voters express their outrage at the Tory party’s neglect at the local elections this May.”

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