Former Liberal Democrat Business Minister Sir Norman Lamb will lead a debate on whistleblowing this afternoon.

On Wednesday 3 July, Sir Norman Lamb will hold a debate on whistleblowing, arguing that protections are “fundamentally inadequate” and a review is “urgently needed”. Sir Norman Lamb, who is co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Whistleblowing, served as business minister during the Coalition.

In the debate, which will be held in the House of Commons Chamber, Lamb will call upon the Government to launch a fundamental review of whistleblowing legislation.

He will point to the case of foster carers, who currently are not included under whistleblowing legislation. He will also highlight examples from the NHS and from financial services where brave individuals have been failed by the system.

Sir Norman said:

"Whistleblowers perform an incredibly important function within both private and public sector organisations. They seek to expose wrongdoing where they have been listened to, illicit practices have been stopped, justice has been done and lives have been saved.

"Fundamentally, this is about good governance. We all rely on people being prepared to expose wrongdoing. They should be celebrated not denigrated.

"The way in which we treat whistleblowers is shameful. The protections which are offered in the law go nowhere near far enough. The law doesn’t aim to stop firms from treating whistleblowers poorly; and the compensation offered to whistleblowers – usually after a long tribunal battle – is insufficient.

"That’s if you count as a whistleblower under legislation. But many groups of people don’t – if you’re a foster carer, and you blow the whistle to the local authority that you work with, you have no protections under law. They can take children out of your care or stop further children being placed with you and you have no grounds to challenge. This is shameful.

"Clearly we desperately need to update whistleblowing legislation, to finally provide whistleblowers with the protections that they deserve."

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