EuropeYesterdays’s much vaunted ‘breakthrough’ in the Brexit negotiations was nothing more than kicking the can down the street.

It confirms that we are unable to fully agree the departure details prior to Theresa May’s self-imposed deadline hence, essentially, staying in the EU until the end of 2020.

However, it does not address the thorny issue of the Eire/Northern Ireland border question and the recent Parliamentary report about ‘electronic border’ controls shows that there isn’t a frictionless border in the world. Even Switzerland doesn’t have an electronic border with the EU.

The IFS report published today also gives more power to the Exit from Brexit movement by showing that, even with the most optimistic forecasts, the reduction of tariffs on trade with the rest of the world would only reduce prices by 1.2%. This is more than offset by the 2%increase in prices caused by the fall of the £ since the Referendum.

It looks like there is movement within the Labour Party and some backbench Tory MPs as they realise that Brexit could be a disaster.

Various commentators say that we need to comply with the ‘democratic decision’ but refuse the democratic vote on the terms of Brexit. They say there could be riots in the streets. I’m more worried about what will happen when the people who voted for this brave, new world realise that it is still going to give them the wrong end of the stick while the rich get even richer.

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