John John RedwoodRedwood was interviewed on Today on BBC Radio 4 and he told even more porkies.

About Article 50, he said ‘under the Treaty the process is irreversible’. That is a bare-faced lie. Article 50 was deliberately designed to be reversible. Don’t take my word for it – check with Scottish peer who wrote it.

He also said that without a deal we could trade with the rest of the world under WTO rules as we do now. There are very few countries that we trade with under WTO rules because the EU has negotiated better deals using the bargaining chip of its market of over 500 million people (if it was a country it would be third behind China and India).

When we leave the EU we lose access to those agreements. The average WTO tariff on food is 22%. Half of our food is imported from the EU already so, without a deal, food prices would rise by about 10%. Raw materials and components for our manufacturing industries coming from the EU would also be subject to WTO tariffs too making our car plants uncompetitive.

It’s about time the likes of John Redwood stopped lying to us – it’s also time that people like John Humphrys properly held them to account.

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