EuropeThe Editor of Leave HQ has produced an incredible blog about how he sees Britain after Brexit in the direction the Government is going. Remember this is written by a pro-Leave person!


“In the first year or so we are going to lose a lot of manufacturing. Virtually all JIT (just-in-time) export manufacturing will fold inside a year


“Across the board we will see prices rising. There will be some serendipitous benefits but nothing that offsets the mass job losses.”

Armed Forces

“Meanwhile, since tax receipts will be way down we can expect major cuts to the forces and a number of Army redundancies. I expect to see RAF capability cut by a third


“a lot of engineering jobs to be axed since a lot of them are dependent on defence spending. It will kill off a number of parasitic resourcing firms and public sector suppliers. Basically it will wipe out the cosseted lower middle class and remind them that they are just as dispensable as the rest of us.”


“major rationalisation of the NHS and what functions it will perform. It will be more of a skeleton service than ever. I expect they will have trouble staffing it.”

The Future

“Effectively we are looking at a ten year recession. Nothing ever experienced by those under 50. Admittedly this is not the Brexit I was gunning for. I wanted a negotiated settlement to maintain the single market so that we did not have to be substantially poorer, but, in a lot of ways I actually prefer this to the prospect of maintaining the 2015 status quo”

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