Responding to an exclusive report in the Health Service journal that NHS England ‘buried’ concerns over child cancer services, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said: 

"These revelations are really shocking. They highlight a culture of secrecy which should have no place in a modern healthcare system. The really outrageous aspect of it is that the families who have been left devastated as a result of losing a child are treated with utter contempt. Surely, they have a right to know that this service has been heavily criticised several times and that proposals for reform have been ignored. Vested interest and conflict of interest has got in the way of good patient care. 
"It is also deeply troubling that, yet again, people working in the system, who had concerns, felt unable to speak out for fear of the consequences. 
"The NHS seems incapable of learning lessons. We have to insist on a culture of complete openness and we need new and stronger legal protections to enable people to speak out about unsafe practice."


link to full report here

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