YouGov have come out with some interesting statistics about how people voted in the General Election.

  • Class is no longer the dividing line in British politics – ABC1 and C2DE vote for any party is about the same whereas age matters much more – Britain’s young overwhelmingly vote Labour, while older Brits vote Tory
  • Young people still far less likely to vote than their elders – 58% among 18-24-year-olds compared to 79% among 60+
  • Education level another key divider: the more highly educated someone is, the more likely they are to vote Lab/LD
  • Working people were more likely to vote Lab than Con – retired people were the only group that backed the Tories
  • Men were more likely to vote Tory than Labour (45/39), while women were evenly split 43/43

Where does that leave the LibDems in Richmond? If we want to reduce the Tory majority we should aim at educated men and over 60s and to hit Labour we need to be aiming at under 24s. So that’s easy!

We used MOSAIC for the first time in this election and aimed at roughly those groups. As we start thinking about 2019 we need to refine that so that we can have a greater impact.


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