Responding to the Government’s release of their papers on the ‘Implications for business and trade of a no deal exit on 29 March 2019’, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said:

"The assessments made of the UK’s preparedness for a no deal makes sobering reading. With nearly a third of critical projects off track and the UK economy set to shrink by up to 9%, the Prime Minister must rule out no deal at any time and in all circumstances.

"The only reason no deal is still on the table is because Theresa May has been trying to frighten MPs into supporting her already defeated deal. Now we know MPs will be able to vote down no deal in March, it becomes even clearer what a waste of time and money this tactic has been.

"These papers are a tragic reminder of how Theresa May’s scaremongering has driven the country to a cliff edge. The only real alternative is to offer the public a final say, with the option to stay in the EU."


The Government’s papers can be found here

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