Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Christine Jardine MP has reiterated calls, ahead of President Trump’s visit to the UK next Friday, for a full public inquiry into what British Intelligence agencies knew about US kidnap and torture of suspected terrorists after 9/11.
Speaking today in the House of Commons, Ms Jardine urged the Government to “ensure a judge-led inquiry takes place, in order to show that the UK stands firmly opposed to this violation of human rights.”
Sir Alan Duncan MP, Minister of State for Europe and the Americas, confirmed the Government would “maintain its integrity” on human rights.
The exchange followed the publication of two reports by the parliamentary intelligence and security committee last week into the scale of UK involvement in torture and rendition.
Ms Jardine said:
“President Trump, who is due to visit the UK next Friday, has openly endorsed torture. That is abhorrent and these practices are completely unacceptable.
“The Government must therefore be unequivocal with the President and condemn his comments on torture and recommit UK support for the absolute torture ban.
“Moreover, if it is the case that UK intelligence was aware of reprehensible behaviour by a foreign agency then there must be a full inquiry.
“That is the only way the UK can maintain its integrity on human rights.”

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