Responding to Cancer Research UK reporting that obesity now causes more cases of four common cancers in the UK than smoking, Liberal Democrat Health spokesperson Judith Jolly said:

“The reports that many cancers are more likely being caused by being overweight than smoking shows the need for Government to step up plans to tackle obesity in the UK to improve our health and life expectancy.
“It is therefore astonishing to hear that Boris Johnson doesn’t think it is worth his time extending the sugar tax and also wants an entire review of ‘unhealthy food taxes’. The fact he introduced his own version of the sugar tax in city hall when he was mayor of London shows how this is nothing more than another U-turn to woo Tory members.

“The sugar tax is working. It was the Conservative Government who announced in November last year that the sugar tax had raised a lot less money than expected because manufacturers of soft drinks had cut the amount of sugar in drinks to avoid paying the tax.
“Rather than cosying up to corporate interests, the Liberal Democrat would tackle the obesity crisis.  We are committed to extending the sugar tax as well as reversing Tory cuts to preventive health services. It is the right thing to do – it is not just about reducing demand on our health service, but tackling this crisis will save lives.”

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