Marking 20 years of the Good Friday Agreement and responding to comments from the Labour front bench, Liberal Democrats Northern Ireland spokesperson Alistair Carmichael said: 

“The 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement is a time for honest reflection. Given the current circumstances it would be easy to dismiss what that agreement represents. Comments coming from both Labour and the Conservatives, particularly those of Barry Gardiner, undermine the importance of the Agreement and having an open border in Ireland to continued peace and prosperity.
“It is vital that the hard-won gains of recent decades are not discarded or undermined. This requires a degree of leadership, flexibility and a spirit of compromise.
“Power-sharing devolution is vital to both local democracy and representative decision-making, facilitating reconciliation and providing a coherent regional voice on critical matters such as Brexit. We believe that it is possible to find creative solutions to the current impasse and urge all those involved to redouble their efforts. The people of Northern Ireland deserve no less.”

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