June 8th 2017
Well the result is in and, to be honest, we did the best we could.
Tobie polled 3360 votes and we saved our deposit.
Labour were trying very hard (they had more people at the count than our whole team!). They even admitted that they used our Rishi voting record leaflet on the doorstep.
Nationally we lost Nick Clegg, Greg Mulholland and Sarah Olney (by 45 votes).
Life goes on and will be very tough for Theresa May.
We now have 12 MPs but we must now concentrate on the District Council elections in 2019. We need to build membership and influence across Hambleton and Richmondshire to put up a good fight and then build on that for the County Council in 2021.
The LibDems take two very opposite things very seriously – localism and internationalism. Now is the time for localism

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