Commenting on Theresa May’s refusal to maintain people’s access to their data in the Home Office, Vince Cable said:
“The Prime Minister refused to address the growing concerns about government plans to remove people’s right to access their own data in the Home Office.
“If EU citizens lose access to their data, it would be impossible for them check mistakes made, which could change their right to remain status.
“The Tories cannot be trusted with treating 50,000 people from the Windrush generation fairly. It is impossible to see how anyone can trust them with 3 million EU citizens after Brexit.”

During Prime Ministers Question Vince Cable asked:

“The Prime Minister will be aware of the concern that if the Home Office cannot deal humanely and efficiently with the immigration status of 50,000 UK residents of Caribbean origin they will seriously struggle to deal efficiently and humanely with 3 million European national registrations.
Can she address the particular concern that under the Data Protection Bill the Home Office is now taking powers to cover up future mistakes by blocking access to individual files sought by individuals and their lawyers to check the accuracy of their data?”

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