In an article for the Belfast Telegraph, DUP Leader Arlene Foster has warned Theresa May that she must not accept a “dodgy” Brexit deal.

The article highlights the growing divisions between the DUP and the Conservatives, undermining their confidence and supply agreement. 

Responding, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said: 

“Brexit is a Conservative-made mess. 

“Decades of Tory civil war that was supposed to be finally settled through a referendum. Failure. Their rows have only grown more vicious. 

“A general election that was supposed to give Theresa May the authority to push through the Brexit she wanted. Failure. A majority lost, dependence on the DUP. 

“And the Conservatives have continued to fail to square their DUP partners on the crucial issue of Ireland. This should have been the utmost priority in Brexit negotiations, instead it has been left to the last minute. 

“Failure after abject failure. Moderate Conservatives must now act in the interests of the country and come out in favour of a People’s Vote, with the option of an exit from this chaotic Brexit.” 

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