April 26, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Richmond Town Hall
Market Pl
Richmond DL10
Celine Barry

The focus of this event is to seek answers to the following questions.
Is there a problem with homelessness and hidden homelessness in Richmond(shire)?
Are there particular local issues which make the problem worse?
What is the impact of austerity on individuals?
What is the impact of austerity on limiting possible solutions?
We open the evening with Dr Alison Jarvis who works at Teesside University, where she lectures (on sociology and social research) and evaluates voluntary sector projects in the region. She previously commissioned and managed housing research for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and her past experience also includes working for a local housing authority and for a charity providing help to homeless women.
We have other confirmed local housing and support services interested to talk about the issues they and their clients face here in Richmond(shire) as well as ideas about what might improve things.
We hope to consider the RDC Homelessness Strategy 2015 – 2020 and find out how well it’s going and what evidence of impact there is 3 years into the strategy.

We think the meeting will be educational and collaborative and solution focused.
We want to provide information and the opportunity to hear from some experts.
People with day to day experience of dealing with homelessness in Richmondshire.
People with day to day experience of raising the issues.
People who can share their experiences and solutions.

We do hope you will encourage your members to come along and contribute. It is open to all parties and none!

The link to the event is here: It is Free –


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