Liberal Democrat MEP Antony Hook today urged all EU Member States to speak out and stand with the people for Hong Kong in their fight for democracy and human rights.

Mr Hook used an urgency resolution in the EU Parliament to also reiterate the importance of the “one country, two systems” framework and the need for Carrie Lam to unequivocally withdraw the proposed Extradition Bill.
Speaking after the Resolution was passed, Antony Hook MEP said:
“The EU has a proud history of defending human rights and democracy internationally. At a time when these values are increasingly under attack passing this resolution is a vital step in ensuring that all Member States, including the UK, continue to speak up for those who are fighting for their rights and freedoms.
“Up to two million people have taken to the streets of Hong Kong to protect these values and they should be proud of the historic role they have played in doing so.
“Together as 28 countries, the EU has a voice that cannot be ignored by Beijing. As countries that promote human rights and democracy, we must use that voice and influence to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the people of Hong Kong.”
Welcoming the Resolution, Alistair Carmichael MP, the Liberal Democrat Chief Whip in the House of Commons, said:
“Passing this resolution in the EU Parliament is a vital step in the UK upholding its moral and legal duty to the people of Hong Kong. When we use our influence as part of the EU we send a stronger message than we could ever hope to alone.
“It is essential that the people of Hong Kong know that we are with them in their fight for democracy and human rights. This resolution drafted by my colleague Antony goes to show that those across Europe are standing firmly with them.
“The Conservative UK government must now ensure that they are putting these values first and not kowtowing to pressure from China. They must work to guarantee that there is an independent investigation into police violence in the region and secure the total withdrawal of the Extradition Bill.”

Antony Hook MEP tabled the urgency resolution in European Parliament on behalf of the Renew Europe group.
Alistair Carmichael MP has asked two recent urgent questions in UK Parliament on the situation in Hong Kong (2nd July and 18th June). He also held an Adjournment debate on the issue on Monday 10th June.
The late Lord Paddy Ashdown led the campaign during the handover to argue that the people of Hong Kong should be given British citizenship, including the right to abode, if China ever reneged on the promises enshrined in the international treaty.

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