So said Theresa May on Sunday morning.

And so did 30,000 police officers 5 years ago protesting about police cuts from, guess who? Theresa May.

Since those police officers took to the streets in May 2012 almost 9,000 police officers have gone and 4,000 PCSOs and further cuts are on the way.

According to the ONS there were 244,546 police officers, staff and PCSOs in September 2010 – 6 years later the number was 198,215 with police officers falling by 21,494 and PCSOs by 6,264. There are 43 police forces across the UK so each force has lost, on average, 500 police officers and almost 150 PCSOs. The number of support staff has fallen too so that police officers spend time doing paperwork rather than doing their job.

On top of this, there are also 3,000 fewer soldiers than in 2015 – despite a promise in the 2015 Conservative manifesto not reduce the army below 82,000 – and the armed forces are 6,000 below the MoD’s minimum level.

I think that enough is enough too. Use your vote on Thursday to show that you’ve had enough of Theresa May.

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