The last few months have shown how important it is to use the right language and behave in a proper way.
MPs are receiving death threats, peaceful protestors are being abused in the streets and abused online. After last week’s uproar in the House of Commons, MPs agreed to be more temperate in their language. Therefore, it was disappointing for Mr Johnson to repeat ‘surrender’ 16 times in the Andrew Marr interview. He followed it up by standing in front of a braying mob of Tory members and shouting ‘Should I carry on with my military metaphors?’ and ‘Should I stick to my guns?’.
The aim is clear – to incite the people against Parliament using ‘dog whistle’ type emotive messages. That was the method used in 1930s Germany. The problem is that it works but the result is unpredictable and, if thwarted, can be disastrous.
We need to be the adult in the room. We mustn’t stoop to this mentality and we must continue espousing sensible alternatives. We can be emotional but we need to be empathising with people’s frustrations rather than fuelling their anger. We need to be providing solutions and not stirring up hatred for its own sake.
Think liberal, Vote Liberal

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