There is a perception that we spend far too much on welfare in the UK and it’s a drain on the country. The Guardian has an article which argued the opposite – that welfare is an investment that enables us to make the most of our resources.
They argue that free child care enables a parent to go back to work and be productive, free school meals ensure a better educational outcome for less well off children and spending on adult social care reduces stress and increases productivity of carers.
We have lower welfare spending than most of our competitors and lower levels of business tax. Japan and Germany have almost twice out level of business tax but businesses pay it because they get better returns – more productive workers, better education and infrastructure.
We need to stop looking at just the costs but also the benefits that the country gets from its welfare spending. That’s why so many of the Tory plans – the dementia tax, cutting free school meals and means testing winter fuel payments are just plain wrong.

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