The British Chambers of Commerce have reported a significant slowing in the UK economy because of the fall in the £ and uncertainty over Brexit.
Lord Adonis is concerned about the state of our infrastructure – roads, rail and broadband is falling behind our competitors.
The NHS is on it’s knees.
Local services are being slashed as Councils are starved of money. Schools and Colleges are struggling to make ends meet and asking for donations from parents.
Yet Tory MPs seem to be living in a Brexit fairyland where everything is the fault of the EU and it will be magically OK when we leave because we’ll have £350M a week to spend on the NHS.

It isn’t, it won’t and we won’t.

At the General Election we proposed an increase in income tax ring fenced for front line services. Philip Hammond can save the NHS by doing what we suggested and putting 1p on income tax. He won’t because the Tories will, once again, put narrow party interests above the country

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