The Association of Colleges has warned that there is a "real risk to the long-term economic prosperity of the UK" if the Government’s flagship ‘T-Level’ policy is not implemented correctly.

T-Levels, which are due to be introduced in September 2020 will be equivalent to 3 A-Levels and it is hoped that they will provide a skills based education to enable people to go straight into work within our industries.

Over half (58%) of small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) across the UK are warning that the country risks being ‘left behind’ if the Government doesn’t address skills gaps through education.

Commenting on the warning from the Association of Colleges, Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson Layla Moran said: 

"This is a stark warning about the dire consequences of continuing to chronically under fund our colleges. 

"It is nothing short of dishonest for the Prime Minister to claim she prioritises technical education, while at the same time her Government is starving the sector who deliver it, of funding.

"The Chancellor must sit up and take notice ahead of the Spending Review or the consequences for the UK’s economic growth, and for young people who are relying on these courses to give them the skills they need to thrive in their careers, will be catastrophic."


For more information, contact Aaron Hussey, Head of Communications, Association of Colleges. 0207 034 9979

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