EuropeToday David Davis has told the other 27 states in the EU that they must compromise in the Brexit talks.

Why? It is us that is cutting our own throats. They don’t need to compromise they have nothing to lose – only we have. There is absolutely no reason to give us anything – you can’t expect to get the same deal as members of the club.

The Irish government has also demanded an agreement on the border before talks can continue. At the end of last month David Davis said it would be easy to have a soft Irish border if there was a zero-tariff agreement. That’s a big if.

But the other thing that David Davis doesn’t get is the question of standards. The EU sets common standards across the EU – the CE mark being one of them. After we leave our standards will start to drift away as we will no longer have to change to natch the EU. Some will say that’s a good thing – getting rid of red tape and bureaucracy. But what happens if there is a dispute over whether our products meet the standards or not?

The European Court of Justice rules on trade dispute and it will be the only way to get acceptance of our products. Theresa May says she will not accept the supremacy of the ECJ.

Meanwhile, a leaked memo from the EU chief negotiator, shows that they want to force a Canadian-type deal on us with tariffs on food and goods which would be a disaster for us.

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