Responding to the Conservative Government bundling the Customs Bill through the House of Commons tonight, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said:
“Today we have seen the truly calamitous state of the Tory party, as once again the Prime Minister is forced to concede ground to hold together her unholy alliance of MPs.
“The precarious nature and weakness of this Government means they have to try to ram through the Brexit process, whilst attempting to grant draconian powers to Ministers to change laws without due process or scrutiny.
“This is not taking back control. It is a sinister power-grab by a Prime Minister on the brink of falling head first into the Brexit black-hole whilst her former allies circle around her, vying for position.
“The Customs Union is essential to the basic stability and prosperity of the UK. Nobody voted for job losses and financial uncertainty. That is why we must now give the people the final say and an opportunity to Exit from Brexit.”

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