Commenting on the National Audit Office’s report into serious and organised crime, which reveals ‘significant and avoidable shortcomings’ by the government, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Ed Davey said: 

“From County Lines drug trafficking to child sexual exploitation and modern slavery, organised crime gangs are ruining lives and damaging our country. This report reveals that the Conservatives are not doing nearly enough to prevent these appalling crimes and keep our country safe.
“Police forces and the National Crime Agency need urgent additional resources to deal with the growing scale and complexity of serious and organised crime, but instead the Tories have cut 5,000 police officers since 2015.
“And this problem will only get worse if Brexit goes ahead. Crime gangs work across borders, and the European Arrest Warrant and Europol are crucial to bringing them down. If we leave the EU, the UK will lose those crime-fighting tools. That’s why the Liberal Democrats are fighting to stop Brexit through a People’s Vote.”

‘Avoidable shortcomings’ to govt’s approach to organised crime, says NAO
28 June 2019 | United Kingdom
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Report from the National Audit Office reveals ‘significant and avoidable’ shortcomings to the govt approach to tackling serious and organised crime. While the report recognises the seriousness of this challenge and govt’s willingness to respond, the NAO highlights that it has prioritised pursuing criminals at the expense of other aspects of it’s strategy, such as crime prevention and protection of society. The report also covers: the govt’s ineffective use of data, particularly around the area of online crime; the need for better metrics that measure law enforcement performance; the often inefficient use of funding; and the incapability to target prioritised crimes such as child sexual exploitation and abuse, modern slavery and human trafficking, compared to non-priority crimes, such as drug crimes * NPCC says: ‘law enforcement right across the system needs significant investment to protect against this national security threat and ensure that our communities are protected from violence.’

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