On no they didn’t!

On January 13th the Tories claimed that they had banned credit card charges. They even produced this onliune ad.

Theresa May also tweeted that they were "banning hidden charges" and the move...

General Election

June 8th 2017
Well the result is in and, to be honest, we did the best we could.
Tobie polled 3360 votes and we saved our deposit.
Labour were trying very hard (they had more people at the...

We must stop this woman

Theresa May said yesterday that she wants to rewrite the Human Rights Act.

The Human Rights Act and the European Commission on Human Rights are nothing to do with the EU (however much the...

Enough is Enough!

So said Theresa May on Sunday morning.

And so did 30,000 police officers 5 years ago protesting about police cuts from, guess who? Theresa May.

Since those police officers took to the...