Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable will highlight the security concerns of leaving the EU in a speech to the ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ conference tomorrow (Monday, 19 March). He will warn that the Salisbury attack illustrates “the need for solidarity with European allies”, while Donald Trump’s pursuit of trade wars means the UK could be “frozen out” of both the European market and a world of rising trade barriers. Vince Cable is expected to say: “The world is becoming a very dangerous place and for Britain to be leaving the EU at this time is utter folly. “Within the past fortnight we have seen acts of aggression by Russia and, with that, the need for solidarity with European allies. We have seen Trump embarking on trade warfare and economic nationalism. Britain now risks being frozen out of both a genuinely free trading European market and the rest of the world characterised by rising trade barriers. We have seen a much less benign China starting to emerge with little interest in cultivating Theresa May’s ‘global Britain’. “The British government is behaving like an amateur climber deciding that, having planned to go off hiking in the mountains, they will not change their plans despite the fact that there are blizzards on the way and there isn’t a map or compass or the necessary clothing available.” The ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’’ conference takes place on Monday 19 March at the QEII Centre in Westminster, London. Vince Cable is expected to speak around 2pm

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