With just one year to go until the UK is due to leave the EU, high-level business leaders will meet this week to plan for Brexit and consider the role business can play to ensure the public get a final say on the deal. At the Brexit minus 365 conference organised by the Liberal Democrats Business and Entrepreneurs Network and addressed by Vince Cable, attendees will discuss the detrimental effect Brexit is already having on the economy and debate what business can do to take back control of a process many see as drifting toward disaster. Their insights will provide the basis for an action plan to address Brexit and protect the UK’s jobs and living standards Business leaders including Richard Reed CBE (Co-Founder of Innocent Drinks and Jam Jar Investments), Charlie Mullins OBE (Founder of Pimlico Plumbers), and Simon Lewis OBE (CEO of the Association for Financial Markets in Europe and former Director of Communication for 10 Downing Street) will address the conference. Delegates will also hear from leading Businesswoman and Transparency Activist, Gina Miller and Steven Dorrell, Chair of the European Movement UK and former Conservative Secretary of State for Health. The event demonstrates growing support for the Liberal Democrats from business, in particular from moderate Conservatives. Former Conservative supporter, Charlie Mullins, Founder of Pimlico Plumbers, will say: “Businesses are rightly worried. Most do not feel comfortable speaking out, but they must if they want to save our country. The effects of Brexit are already being felt and we haven’t even left yet.” Andrew Dixon, Founder of ARC InterCapital and President of LDBEN, and another former Conservative voter will add: “Business is coalescing around the Liberal Democrats, both because of their anti-Brexit stance, but also because of their credible plan for the economy. This conference will galvanize that movement and develop a plan to save the UK from Brexit.” Gina Miller, Businesswoman and Transparency Activist who successfully took the Government to court to protect Parliamentary sovereignty, will say: “It is time for businesses to make their voices heard in terms of Brexit. As the range and quality of business leaders represented at this conference testify, Brexit will impact on all businesses across the United Kingdom. The Government’s present course appears to be heading us to Bankrupt Brexit, so even though businesses generally dislike getting politically involved, they must take responsibility and speak out on how Brexit will impact them and their customers. Time is short, but it is not too late.” Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats said: “The impact on business of Brexit is already clear, with growth, investment and confidence stagnating since the referendum. The OECD expects us to grow slower than any other advanced economy this year, at a time when the rest of the world economy is experiencing an upswing. I am delighted to address this important conference, but I am also here in the spirit of enquiry, to hear what these experienced leaders advocate. The Liberal Democrats are now the party of business. We know that business, fairly conducted, is the back bone of this country. We must move to protect and support it.” ENDS Notes to Editors The Liberal Democrats Business & Entrepreneurs Network (LDBEN) brings together members of the business community, who share the party’s vision of an environment in which businesses can flourish, and supports the Liberal Democrats towards creating this environment. The Network meets regularly with parliamentarians, senior Liberal Democrats, economists and experts, to discuss a wide variety of business-related subjects. These events provide a forum for networking, exchanging ideas and creative thinking about how politicians and businesses can work together to create an enterprise economy fit for the 21st century. For more information and to join please visit our website www.ldben.com<libdems.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=fe34b42da454f21dccfb6b521&id=cd6a55b35e&e=0fcdb6d90c>. To mark the first anniversary of Britain triggering Article 50 and one year to go before the country is due to leave the EU, the Lib Dem Business & Entrepreneurs Network is organising a major conference to assess the current situation, to consider the implications of Brexit, sector by sector, and to ask what more businesses should be doing to prepare and help. To register for the conference please email ldben@libdems.org.uk<mailto:ldben@libdems.org.uk>.

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