Tories ignoring Agriculture

UK agriculture is worth more than the motor and aerospace industry combined but, while Theresa May is signing sweetheart deals with French-owned Nissan, her government hasn’t even had a meeting with agriculture leaders. And she says Australia and New Zealand are keen to sign a deal with us. No wonder. They are keen to sell us their lamb and beef!

Tories ignoring Agriculture

At the Young Farmers’ Convention in Torquay fears were raised that agriculture subsidies will be used as a bargaining chip in the Brexit negotiations. Agriculture is a poor relation compared to the City of London and Theresa is more keen to help the fat cats in the City than the hill farmers in the Yorkshire Dales. Feed and energy prices are going up because of the fall in the £, lamb prices will fall if the Kiwis flood the market and reduction in subsidies could spell the end for many farmers who are barely surviving.

Only the Liberal Democrats can stop the mad scramble for Hard Brexit. Vote for the British farmer – Vote Liberal Democrats.


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  1. The government has said that it will introduce our own agriculture and environmental support scheme. This will be easily possible from the funds we will no longer be paying to Brussels. We will no longer be locked into a farm payments scheme based on land area, where the barley barons are in receipt of 258Euro/ hectare benefit and hill farmers on 58Euro/hectare. We will also not be paying support for off shore Italian Olive groves.
    Hopefully we will be able to introduce a ban on live exports. Our sheep freighted to Greece should be only be in a freezer store. Pig meat to China similarly. The world is full of opportunities for those brave enough to seek them out.
    I am a Liberal member having a significant difficulty with the Party attempting to overturn a democratic vote. Colluding with the EU opposition in these negotiations amounts to treachery in my book.

    1. Nice to hear from you David. We have to agree to disagree on the EU. I agree with you that the EU isn’t perfect but it needs changing from the inside. I suspect though that the funds for farm support will disappear. Governments of all colours promise a lot. The ERDF funded our broadband and village hall refurbishments (and about to give over £600,000 to a sports village near Thirsk) because our government don’t think that they are important enough – or, more likely, that there are no votes in it. Already London gets 10 times expenditure per head on transport than we do. That will only get worse not better.

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