Commenting on the Government’s announcement of a new Offshore Wind Sector deal, Ed Davey, former Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change said:

“Britain must be far more ambitious on offshore wind, and build on the huge breakthroughs Liberal Democrats achieved on renewable power.
“The UK is now the world leader in offshore wind, and the green power auctions Liberal Democrats pioneered have seen the cost of offshore wind tumble.
“With renewable power costs now way below nuclear, it must be right to capitalise on this fabulous British success story – so we can tackle climate change faster and see more green jobs created.” 

Govt-industry Offshore Wind Sector Deal announced
07 March 2019 | United Kingdom
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Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry announces a new joint govt-industry Offshore Wind Sector Deal. Under the arrangement offshore wind would provide a third of all UK electricity by 2030. Under today’s announcement the industry is to invest £250m, including on a new Offshore Wind Growth Partnership, to develop the UK supply chain. Part of a govt drive to make the UK a ‘global leader in renewables’ as part of its modern Industrial Strategy. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy says the deal will mean that for the first time in UK history there will be more electricity from renewables than fossil fuels * The move has been welcomed by Scottish Renewables
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