In the face of further defeats on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, and following further pressure from Peers across the House of Lords, the government has brought forward amendments to ensure that the UK still has the ability to refer to and apply EU guidance for legal matters in our courts going forwards. 

Commenting on the government’s concession Lord Newby, Liberal Democrat Leader in the House of Lords, said:

“The government has rightly accepted that following EU guidance for legal matters in our courts and tribunals is not a ‘soft Brexit’. Instead it is a welcome acknowledgement of the benefits of a number of laws that have benefitted the UK and can continue to do so.

“There are many experts in the House of Lords that have correctly identified that Britain is stronger with the back-stop of EU law, something that Liberal Democrats have argued throughout the Brexit process. We welcome the Government’s acknowledgement of this.
“Over the past week the government has been defeated five times in the House of Lords, uniting members from all parties and none on a range of issues. Clearly across the House there is a strong belief that it is not too late to turn back from the Tory’s disastrous approach to Brexit. For the country and the government there is a way out, and that is giving the people the final say, with a vote on the final deal."

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