Responding to new official figures showing an unprecedented fall in the number of EU workers in the UK, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Ed Davey said:

“Even before we’ve left the EU, we’re seeing a Brexodus that is bad for British businesses and especially bad for our public services.

“The NHS is already struggling to hire the doctors and nurses it needs. The social care system is desperately short of workers. And it will only get worse if the Tories take us out of the EU – deal or no deal.

“The Liberal Democrats demand better. That’s why we’re fighting to keep the UK in the EU, by giving the people a final say on the deal with the option of an Exit from Brexit.

“That will ensure we retain the supply of EU workers that strengthens our public services and our economy, while also retaining the rights of British people to live, work and study elsewhere in the EU.”


The latest UK labour market statistical bulletin, published today by the Office for National Statistics, shows that, comparing Jul-Sep 2018 to Jul-Sep 2017, “EU nationals working in the UK fell by 132,000 to 2.25 million (the largest annual fall since comparable records began in 1997)”.

The statistics can be found here.

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