The impact of Brexit on the aerospace sector

Argues that any departure and divergence from global standards would be self-defeating for the aerospace sector post-Brexit


The progress of negotiations: December 2017 to March 2018

Makes recommendations on the Draft Withdrawal Agreement, a transition period and the future partnership with the EU


European withdrawal: Transitional provisions and dispute resolution

Examines scrutiny of EU legislation during the implementation period and other legal concerns arising from the Brexit negotiations


Brexit, science and innovation

Calls for an early deal for science and research with the EU to set a positive tone for other elements of the Brexit negotiations


UK–EU security cooperation after Brexit

Warns of serious legal, constitutional and political obstacles in the way of continued close policing and security cooperation after Brexit


Brexit: medicines, medical devices and substances of human origin

Urges UK and EU negotiators to prioritise patient safety by securing the closest possible regulatory alignment the next round of Brexit talks


Effect on the NHS of the UK leaving the EU

Overview of some areas of healthcare that could potentially be affected by Brexit


Brexit: the draft withdrawal agreement

Looks at the draft withdrawal agreement published by the European Commission in March 2018


Leaving the EU: health and welfare of UK citizens and residents

Looks at EU workers in the NHS and social care, funding for public services and arrangements for reciprocal healthcare provision


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