EuropeToday, The Daily Telegraph has branded 15 Tory MPs as ‘mutineers’. What I’d like to know is when has putting your country first instead of your party being mutiny?

These 15 MPs are doing what they were elected to do – represent the best interests of their constituents – that isn’t mutiny it’s being an MP.

If Brexit happens it will be the worst self-inflicted wound by any modern day democracy. Many Tory MPs know that but they are afraid to speak out because of the bile that will be inflicted on them.

The decision last year was advisory. It was close. Only 37% of the electorate voted for it but Theresa May has taken the view that it was an overwhelming majority. The 48% are not happy and a lot of the 52% are not either. I just hope than some more MPs get some conscience and do what is right for the country.

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