Responding to a BBC report that Wetherspoons has been hit by a ‘temporary’ shortage of pigs in blankets, Christine Jardine, Liberal Democrat MP, said: 

"Every pig deserves a blanket this Christmas. 

"The fact that some Wetherspoons’ customers were deprived of this time-honoured British tradition looks like it’s the fault of one thing only: the Conservative’s Brexit policy.

"The fact that Wetherspoons – the face of Brexit – could no longer serve pigs in blankets as a possible result of the shortage of EU seasonal workers would be laughable if it wasn’t such a dire warning of what is yet to come. 

"We haven’t even left yet and Boris Johnson is already threatening a damaging no deal Brexit. The Prime Minister is looking more like the Grinch than Father Christmas." 


In October, the British Meat Association warned that pigs in blankets could be in short supply over the festive season due to a shortage of EU seasonal workers: 

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