Boris Johnson
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Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire media mogul who employs 4,000 people in the UK, says Brexit is the “single stupidest thing any country has ever done” apart from electing Donald Trump as President.

He also said, “It is really hard to understand why a country that was doing so well wanted to ruin it. It was not a smart thing to do and getting out of it is going to be very difficult and is going to be very painful. It will hurt industries. People are already taking space in other cities over there [Europe], us included.”

To make matters worse for Theresa May, Boris Johnson and David Davis, Jon Thompson, Chief Executive of HMRC, has told the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee today that he will need 5,000 extra staff and £400M in the event of ‘no deal’ with the EU. So the jobs we will lose from businesses making money will be replaced by civil servants spending money.

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