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In today’s Daily Telegraph Boris Johnson sets out his ’10-point plan for a successful Brexit’. Many commentators are seeing this as a renewed bid for Theresa May’s job. I that’s the case it will good news for the LibDems – replacing a lame duck with a plonker.

His first point is to spend the £350M we send each week to the EU on the NHS. During the Referendum this claim was comprehensively debunked but it appears that everyone knows this apart from our Foreign Secretary. If the first of his 10-point plan is a lie it doesn’t bode well for the rest.

£350M a week for NHSPoint 2 is that we won’t pay for access to the EU markets. Well, again as everyone else seems to know, we don’t have to pay for access to the EU markets. BUT, if we want tariff-free access to the EU – which is vital for our motor manufacturing and component industry – we will have to pay as Norway does.

Point 3 is we won’t slam the door on migrants. Well under the EU rules we were able to restrict migrants from within the EU and had total control of non-EU migrants. And under Theresa May we failed to do either so no change there.

Another of his points in the ‘plan’ is “Brexit will be a success. This country will succeed in our new national enterprise, and it will succeed mightily”. So one part of his plan for a successful Brexit is for Brexit to be a success.

For a supposedly intelligent man Boris is a bit of a plonker.


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