Writing in Ireland’s Sunday Independent, Michel Barnier has warned that the UK must make “substantial progress” on Irish border policy ahead of the next major summit of EU leaders. 

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator said the Government must “resolve its contradictions”, warning of the “unique problems” Brexit causes for Ireland. Barnier added that the EU has “not received any workable solutions” from Theresa May’s team. 

There is a meeting in June to judge how much progress has been made on the Irish border issue, while Barnier is due to visit Ireland tomorrow. 

Responding, Lib Dem Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said: 

“This is a stark but important warning. The Conservatives have continually fudged the Irish border issue when – whether you’re a remainer, a leaver, or just fed up of Brexit – we all understand that this is of paramount importance and must be sorted out immediately. 

“We cannot risk Conservative incompetence creating a hard border. It’s time for this issue to be resolved fully. The best way of doing that is showing flexibility in the negotiations over the Customs Union and the Single Market, rather than drawing artificial and damaging red lines.”

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