Peoples Vote Rally in YorkRichard Sadler of “North Yorkshire for Europe” addressed the AGM of Richmond Constituency Liberal Democrats in Northallerton . He outlined the activities taken the promote “The Peoples’ Vote”, the campaign for a referendum on the Brexit terms negotiated by the government, including the opportunity for a second vote with option of remaining in the European Union. Street stalls had operated in ten North Yorkshire towns making the point that the Brexit deal people had been promised had proved not to be deliverable. The Chequers deal was not going to be acceptable to Parliament and the Brexit campaign had seriously misled the public . There was growing evidence of leave voters wanting to change their minds.

 A good contingent from North Yorkshire had attended the huge rally of an estimated 750,000 people in London, an immensely impressive occasion. Mr. Sadler urged members to campaign for The Peoples’ Vote .

 Constituency PPC Allen Nixon said finalising Brexit on 29 March was now “if”, not ”when”. Liberal Democrats had been united from the outset in opposing Brexit and he contrasted this with the irreconcilable splits in Conservative and Labour ranks. Birmingham City Council had approved The Peoples Vote. A recent poll had indicated that 59% would now vote remain.

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